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Fuzhou Airlines Provides B737/E190 Transition To B787

Fuzhou Airlines provides B737/E190 Captains chance to TRANSIT TO B787 Captains!!! The highest B737 Captain salary up to $314,084 (after tax) and E190 Captain salary up to $299,600 (after tax) are offered by Fuzhou Airlines, based in Fuzhou, Harbin, and Xi'an China. Any B737/E190 Captains have interest in this position? Please feel free to send your CV to cv@avitalent.net. For more information, please email to info@avitalent.net.

Working Mode:
Option 1: 36 days off
                90 days off
               110 days off
               125 days off
Option 2: 6 weeks on/2 weeks off
               4 weeks on/2 weeks off
Option 3: 4 weeks on/4 weeks off

Contract Duration: 3 Years

Housing Allowance, Trafic Allowance, Safety Bonus, Compensation for work on holidays and off days, Renewal Incentive, Medical Insurance, Insurance Against Flying Suspension, Educational Benefits.

Basic Requirements:

Age below 55
500+ PIC hours on current type
3000+ total flight hours
Logbook (the last 3 pages)
The last time proficiency check is within validity period
Valid passport, medical Certificate and license
ICAO English level 4 or higher
No criminal record