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AviTalent is an international aviation service provider based in Hong Kong. Established in 2014, Avitalent’s aviation business services provides a range of advice and solutions in response to the challenges and opportunities unique to the aviation industry. Bringing together our professionals from multiple disciplines, we offer our clients a one-stop, all-inclusive solution covering pilot training , pilot recruitment , pilot leasing , crew management , cargo charter, business jet charter,commercial flight charter, aircraft leasing, aircraft asset transaction and other aspects.

AviTalent是一家成立于香港,提供国际化航空服务业务的公司。始建于2014年,AviTalent 针对航空业务特有的挑战和机遇,提供了系列多样的专业咨询和解决方案。依托并融合于AviTalent的全球网络,AviTalent汇集了来自多个领域的专业人员,为客户提供飞行员培训、飞行员招聘、飞行员租赁、机组管理、货运包机、公务机包机、客运旅游包机、飞机租赁、飞机资产交易等各方面的一站式、全方位的解决方案。

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