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Suparna Airlines Accepts Non Type Rating Captains Transition to B737/B747/B787 Captains

NON Type Rated Captains, including Airbus, CRJ, Boeing or Similar Type Rated Captains can apply for B737, B747, or B787 Captain Positions provided by Suparna Airlines, which is baesd in Shanghai! Further more, the carrier also provides Monthly Commuting Contract with the highest salary around $336,000 (after tax), which MUST be the highst salary in the industry!!  

Besides domestic routes, the carrier also operates international routes to the Europe and the US. Reversed Schedule Bases in the Europe and the US are available!!!

B747 Freight Flight International Routes:  

Basic Requirements:  
Age below 55 Total time: 5,000+ hours  
PIC time on type: 500+ PIC hours on type
Medical: First Class  
License: ATPL issued by ICAO member country
English language proficiency level: Minimum ICAO level 4
Flight Quality: No written penalty due to flight default or lack of discipline.

Apply this job now at cv@avitalent.net.
Anyone has interest in the positions? Please feel free to contact me for more details!