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Work at Lucky Air, Enjoy life in Yunnan

Work at Lucky Air and Enjoy life in Yunnan Province, which is located in the southwest of China. This place is famous for its tourism resource with plenty of amazing views, such as mysterious Shangri-La, Dali, Lijiang, Lugu Lake, and so on.  Yunnan is also a liveable place with a lot of delicious food!  

Lucky Air, based in the capital city, Kunming, of Yunnan Province, is hiring A320/A330 and B737 captains with the highest yearly salary of $312,000 (after tax), which should be very high salary in the industry!  

Option 1: 46 days off -- $312,000/Year (after tax)
Option 2: 6/2 weeks -- $290,400/Year (after tax)  
Option 3: 4/2 weeks -- $272,400/Year (after tax)
Option 4: 182 days off -- $187,200/Year (after tax)
Contract duration: 3 Years  

Basic Requirements:  Total flight hours: 5000 hours;  PIC on type: 1000 hours;  ICAO English: Over Level 4; Medical: First class certificate; Age below 55.

Anyone has interest in the positions provided by Lucky Air? Please send your CV to cv@avitalent.net, or ask me for more details. Thanks!