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Sichuan Airlines Increases Flight Hour Fee Every Year

Do you want to be the captain with the highest salary? Sichuan Airlines will give you the chance!!! Sichuan Airlines will increase block flight hour fee every year!

Sichuan Airlines, base in Chengdu, is hiring A320/A330 Captains with the highest yearly salary up to $301,800 (after tax). The carrier also provides pilots additional training before CAAC SIM CHECK FOR FREE to ensure pilots pass the check smoothly!

Basic Requirements:
1. Age below 55
2. There was an experience as captain to perform the international routes
3. Total time: Minimum of 5,000 hours total time
4. PIC time on type: Minimum of 1,000 PIC hours on (A320) or on (A330)
5. Last date of flight: Within the last 12 months
6. Proficiency check (within 6 months)
7. English language proficiency level: Minimum ICAO level 4

Anyone wants to apply?
Send your cv to cv@avitalent.net. For more detail information, please email to info@avitalent.net.