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9 Air-The First 737-800 WiFi Installation in China

9 Air announced the completion of the first 737-800 Wi-Fi installation in China.The internet function will be started during the Chinese New Year, at that time, passengers can use mobile phones, computers, Pad to connect with WiFi and search the internet.
The completion of a Wi-Fi installation on the 737-800 is an important milestone for 9 Air as the carrier expands capability and serve the Chinese market.
9 Air is a low-cost airline, created as a subsidiary of Juneyao Airlines in 2015. 9 Air is mainly based in Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport, with its route network radiating the whole country from guangzhou. 9 Air also opens international routes to and from Southeast Asia, South Asia, Northeast Asia and North Asia. Moreover, 9Air Provides additional free trainings to secure the passing rate of CAAC check. Captains of B737EFIS or Classic, A320, CL65 or Gulfstream aircraft are invited to apply for these positions.

Base: Guangzhou
Block Hours: 75 hours/Month 750 hours/Year
Overtime Fee: USD365/Hr
Annual Leave+Sick Leave: 50 Days
PIC Payment: USD20,000/Month (After Tax)
Groundschool Payment: USD7,000/Month for NON CAAC License Holder
                                          USD9,000/Month for CAAC License Holder
IOE Payment: USD9,000/Month for NON CAAC License Holder
                         USD11,000/Month for CAAC License Holder
Contract Bonus: USD18,000 shall be paid when completing the first contract period
                            USD40,000 shall be paid when completing the second contract period
Safty Bouns: Safety bonus will be paid according to actual flight hours. If total flight hours in one year are 750, safety bonus will be USD7,500 per year.
Overseas Employment Allowance (After being hired as captain): USD8,000/Year
Travel Allowance: USD10,000/Year
Total Salary: USD272,700/Year

Basi Requirements:
1. Age below 53
2. 500+ hours PIC on type
3. Current on type within 12 months
4. 3000+ hours total time
5. Valid ATPL, Passport and Medical Certificate
6. ICAO Level 4 (or equivalent) English proficiency
7. Logbook (last 3 pages)
8. Proficiency Check ( within 6 months)

Want to apply? Send your CV to cv@avitalent.net. For more details, please email to info@avitalent.net.