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A330 Captains – Get the Best Schedule Around at Tianjin Airlines!

Want the most lucrative, balanced aviation roster available in the world? Fly at Tianjin Airlines, get 90 days off per year, and make over $296,000 per year!

The latest offers from Tianjin Airlines have excellent rosters and benefits. Offering an unparalleled work-life balance, International health insurance, and tuition reimbursement for your family, many pilots have built their success stories at Tianjin. The 90-day off roster pays up to $23,000 per month plus benefits, which translates to a full life for you and your family.

A330 pilots will fly from Tianjin to Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and more. Basing is also available in Xi’an, a very good choice for families in Asia.

A320 positions are also available, flying routes all over Asia. More extremely flexible commuting options are available, including 2 weeks on / 2 weeks off. The same great benefits and company management apply to all pilots at Tianjin!

See full roster summary below for details. Contact info@avitalent.net for more information!

Want to apply now? Send your CV to job@avitalent.net today!

Requirements include:
3000 Total flight hours, 500+ PIC hours on type
Class 1 Medical Certificate
Valid ICAO English 4 or above
Last PC within 6 Months
No Incident/accident record