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Qingdao Airlins A320 Captain File download

Qingdao Airlines introduction:

Qingdao Airlines is a startup Chinese airline that commenced operations on 26 April 2014. The carrier is based at Qingdao Liuting International Airport. By 2020, Qingdao Airlines' aircraft fleet is expected to reach more than 50, and by 2025, fleet size is expected to reach more than 100.

Base: Qingdao, Shandong Province, China
Contract Duration: 3 years/5 years Renewable
Days Off: 30-45 days/year
Monthly Salary (CAAC License Holder): MAX USD23,500/Month
Monthly Salary (NON-CAAC License Holder): MAX USD23,000/Month
Sick Leave: 10 Days
Joining Bonus For CAAC License Holder Pilot (Lump-sum payment): USD18,000

Qingdao Airlines also provides Housing Allowance,
Travel Allowance, Safety Bonus, Overtime Pay, Contract Completion Bonus, Medical Insurance Allowance, Temporary and Permanent Loss of License Allowance.

Basic Requirements:
1. Age below 55, If the pilot hold a CAAC license his/her age can below (include) 57
2. 600+ PIC hours on current type
3. 3000+ total flight hours
4. Logbook (the last 3 pages)
5. The last time PC is A320PC-PIC and within validity period
6. Within validity period of passport, medical Certificate and license( at least 5 years service experience in airlines)
7. ICAO English level 4 or higher
8. No criminal record

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