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Lucky Air releases Incredible New contract for B737 and A320/A330 Captains!

Lucky Air starts to recruit expat captains after been stop this program half year ago, Lucky Air has released the incentives for international captains, including an astounding $312,000/year after tax salary package. In addition, TRI captains are also needed, with an additional $18,000 per year offered!

Resident schedules offer $19,800 USD per month for 46 days off per year and 75 block hours per month. The salary is 100% tax-free. In addition, benefits such as housing, annual bonuses, and family funds are offered!

In addition to the resident contract, a flexible 182-Days-Off roster is offered. This schedule offers the most flexible schedule yet, as time off can be 100% scheduled as the pilot desires.

This new contract is offered to help Lucky Air grow to a new international level, as it continues acquiring aircraft. New A330 aircraft will be delivered in Q2 2017 to spearhead this international expansion.

Lucky Air is based in Kunming, China, a budding air travel hub for Southeast Asia. Known for its beautiful mountains, mild climate, and clean air, Kunming is a comfortable base city with a substantial foreign population.

See full roster summary below for details. Contact info@avitalent.net for more information!

Want to apply now? Send your CV to cv@avitalent.net today!

Requirements include:
• 3000 total flight hours, 500+ PIC hours on type
• Class 1 medical certificate
• Valid ICAO English 4 or above
• Last PC within 12 months
• Last flight within 12 months
• Age: under 55