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$314,000 Salaries and Excellent Management for B737 & E190 Captains at Fuzhou Airlines

Fuzhou Airlines has increased their salaries and contract offers for B737 & E190 captains!

Fuzhou is offering an industry-high $314,000 annual package for B737 captains, with additional benefits available. In addition, signing bonuses available up to $15,000 are available, based on qualifications!

Fuzhou has one of the best managed foreign-pilot departments in China, with many current satisfied pilots. Many resident and commuter roster options are available, and all options share the same benefits and standards. Fuzhou values families as well, offering one of the highest-value education subsidies in China to top-tier international schools in Fuzhou and other base cities.

Grow your career at Fuzhou! Fuzhou wants pilots to grow with the airline, and it is offering the following career path options after 2 years of satisfactory service:
  • Transition to B787 (for both B737 and E190 pilots)
  • B737 Instructor Upgrade

The unique blend of high salaries, career path options, and excellent management makes Fuzhou Airlines stand out among Chinese airlines. And, like all Chinese airlines, salaries at Fuzhou are 100% tax-free. There has never been a better time to fly at Fuzhou!

See full roster summary below for details. Contact info@avitalent.net for more information!

Want to apply now? Send your CV to job@avitalent.net today!

Requirements include:
3000 Total flight hours, 500+ PIC hours on type
Class 1 Medical Certificate
Valid ICAO English 4 or above
Last PC within 6 Months
No Incident/accident record