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High Salary B737NG Captains In Need - $264,000 after tax!

East Asia is currently experiencing a shortage of domestic pilots. To counteract this, many airlines are offering very lucrative contracts to attract foreign talent.

Chinese airlines are paying up to $264,000 for resident expat B737 Captains! Low block hours, relaxed schedules, and a variety of rosters are all on offer at several airlines. In addition, all salaries are paid after tax.

AviTalent is a full-service pilot agency, offering strong relationships with airlines nationwide, honest and upfront contracting for pilots, and continuing training through flight schools worldwide.

Two of our current offers for B737 captains are detailed below! Contact us today for more information on how to apply and about ATPL licensing in China.

Contact info@avitalent.net for more details!

Want to apply now? Send your CV to job@avitalent.net today!

Requirements include:
3000 Total flight hours, 500+ PIC hours on type
Class 1 Medical Certificate
Valid ICAO English 4 or above
Last PC within 6 Months
No Incident/accident record